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30.01.2021-07.02.2021: Winterferien 10.02.2021-26.02.2021: Anmeldung neuer Schüler



Felix Lindner began his presentation about his exchange year in New Zealand on Wednesday 25th September with the Maori dance (Haka). The10th, 11th and 12th grade students from the Lessing- Gymnasium spent an hour listening to his incredible and exciting experiences. Felix spoke English the entire time. With so much vigour he explained how this year changed him. As a listener one could actually feel how much he benefited from his one year trip, outside his comfort zone at the end of the world. Besides this he also gave helpful and interesting information about the organisation of the exchange year and the steps to follow preparing such a year. Although Felix Lindner is indeed back in Germany he left a greater piece of his heart in New Zealand. (Hopefully if everything goes according to his plans he will be reunited with this piece of his heart in the near future…)

After the impressive and informative presentation we all came to a conclusion: wanderlust!
Paula-Fanny Guenther, class 10a




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